The Oracle Part I , II

  • The Oracle Part I , II

    This room has 2 parts. You must first complete part 1 before proceed to part 2

Part 1

img oracle

A sudden decision finds you and your friends at a psychic. It all started as a joke but quickly things turned out to be worse…The psychic managed to hypnotize you and eventually you are captured inside a dream. You have to find a way to wake up, or your rest of your life is going to be a nightmare.


  • 2 players (30€)
  • 3 players (33€)
  • 4 players (40€)
  • 5 players (45€)

Part 2

img nightmare

Μετά το μυστήριο του Oracle (part 1) σας έχουν μείνει κάποια αναπάντητα ερωτήματα... Πλέον γνωρίζετε τι πρέπει να κάνετε... θα τα καταφέρετε?

  • 2 players (32€)
  • 3 players (39€)
  • 4 players (48€)
  • 5 players (55€)


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