The Oracle

A sudden decision finds you and your friends at a psychic. It all started as a joke but quickly things turned out to be worse…The psychic managed to hypnotize you and eventually you are captured inside a dream.
You have to find a way to wake up, or your rest of your life is going to be a nightmare.

El Dorado

An abandoned mine. A road full of obstacles and traps. Only your skills and resourcefulness can reward you. The gold is waiting....Are you ready?

X Mark the spot

Years ago, an art heist caused a huge loss of millions to an art collector. The theif was captured but the loot was never found... You are the keepers of a secret that could help you locate it. Will you make it?

Insidious Mind

An old mansion is sold at bargain rates...However, a big secret lies in it that could turn out fatal...



You wake up locked inside the cell of a mental asylum. Things go out of hand and time is running out. Will you escape...?

*Clocked's team reccomends team of 2-4 players for better experience.

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If you have any questions about the game or directions to find us, please don't hesitate to contact us either sending a message on the contact form or by calling us on +30 22510 44747. You can contact us on our facebook page too.


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